Distant Lands

Distant Lands - Expansion Set #1 for Jet Set
$25.00 USD
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    Ages 12 and up Playing time 90 to 120 minutes2 to 6 players

Four new ways to play the hit game Jet Set, plus new cards to double the size of your Short, Long, and Final Flight decks. All this in one hefty package!

Investor cards add a shot of money rolex replica sale just when you need it most. Business cards let you use the tricks of the trade to do some unexpected moves. Hubs are cities where you get a special bonus every time a flight goes through. And the Distant Lands expansion gives you two new boards with exotic destinations such as Mumbai and Rio de Janeiro. Flying to these locations requires you to save up rolex replica sale for a while, but they really pay off in terms of victory points and income!

Add these exciting variations to your Jet Set game in whatever combination you want, to put fresh challenges and opportunities into your experience!

Distant Lands is not a stand-alone rolex replica sale game. You must own Jet Set in order to play.