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Switching Tracks

Cross the United States by rails, delivering cargo and filling contracts, in this fascinating new train game from Wattsalpoag.

The preprinted map changes dynamically as rolex replica you flip and rotate switches to change which cities are connected. Upgrade your train's speed, length, or switching flexibility and gain offices that give you unique abilities as you work your way to the winning five contracts.

WAP 10105

$45.00 USD

Buccaneer Bones

Sail the seven seas in this quick pirate game. Roll the dice to move your ship toward the islands. Once there, you will have a special power for as long as you remain. Plunder the rolex replica sale island for treasure, and return to port so you can sail again. The first one with three treasures wins.

Fast to play and easy to teach. With a solitaire mode, and a family friendly version where pirates can't steal treasure from each other. Light hearted fun for all ages!

WAP 40102

$9.95 USD

A Fistful of Penguins

A fast and easy dice game about populating a zoo with animals. Roll the special animal dice to add animals to your zoo, using penguins to add more dice or reroll. Find rolex replica sale the animal combinations that will make you the most money. After three rounds, the player whose zoo has earned the most is the winner!

Fun for families and easy to teach. A Fistful of Penguins is quick to play, and can be brought to the table any time a light game or fast filler is needed.

WAP 40101

$17.95 USD

Distant Lands - Expansion #1 for Jet Set

This expansion to the hit game "Jet Set" provides you with four new ways to play, as well as 90 more long and short flight cards and 18 more Final Flight cards to add to the basic deck. Investors will inject money into the game at certain times, Business cards will provide rolex replica uk new and unique ways to bend the rules, Hubs give bonuses for routing your flights through certain cities, and Intercontinental flights are expensive, but give good boosts to income and victory points.

WAP 20101

$25.00 USD

Last Call - The Bartender Game

The bar is open! You have four drinks to make by moving bottles from bartender to bartender. Get the right bottles together, and you've made a drink. But don't have too many extra bottles, or you will get ice cubes! Last Call - The Bartender Game is a quick, head-to-head game of moving bottles and making combinations, where everyone is involved at each step along the way. Easy to learn, and quick to play. Come give your bartending skills a workout!

WAP 10201

$32.00 USD

Jet Set

Fly the crowded skies of Europe. Claim important airlinks from city to city across the countryside. Assign your airplanes to a path that satisfies the public demand for air travel. To keep adding planes to your fleet will take money, and that means claiming some of the profitable short flights before you can try for the more valuable long flights. In the end, the player who can best manage both money and airlines will be the winner!

WAP 10104

$32.00 USD

Fruit Fair

It's Fair time! Send your pickers and gardeners into the orchards for the best fruit. But watch out for the raccoon, or they may return empty handed! Pick the most fruit to attract special visitors to your farm. They'll help you send your fruit on to the fair. Whoever makes the best showing wins first prize!

WAP 10103

$32.00 USD

Claim It!

It's gold fever! Stake your claim to the best patch of land in these gold-filled hills. Steal claims from other players, and defend your territory from would-be claim jumpers and squatters. Claim all you can, but don't push your luck too far, or you may end up busted! Can you build the largest mine and make your fortune in the wild frontier?

WAP 10101

$25.00 USD

Nomads of Arabia

Take a trek through the deserts of Arabia! Traverse the desert, capturing wild animals to sell at the city markets. The journey is harsh and the desert sands can shift without warning. Can you make the biggest offering when the pilgrim arrives in Mecca? Don't get too far behind, or you'll be lost in the desert!

WAP 10102

$32.00 USD