Company News

Switching Tracks not in time for Essen

(Issaquah, WA - October 2014) Wattsalpoag just missed the deadline to have Switching Tracks, our new train game, produced in time to get it to Essen for Spiel '14. We are still working to have it in the hands of our Kickstarter backers by the end of the year, and that looks very likely to happen. We will be bringing a prototype of Switching Tracks to our booth at Spiel, so please come by if you want to play it. We are in Hall 2 - E112.

Switching Tracks funds on Kickstarter

(Issaquah, WA - August 2014) Switching Tracks, Wattsalpoag's new train game, has successfully funded on its second attempt on Kickstarter. Many thanks to those who pledged and helped us get this game to the starting post! Now we have to complete the files and send them to the manufacturer. We hope to have it finished in time to be express shipped to Essen for Spiel '14.

Wattsalpoag at Gen Con Indy 2014

(Issaquah, WA - July 2014) Wattsalpoag will be at GenCon in Indianapolis in August. We will be bringing a prototype of our latest Kickstarter game: Switching Tracks. Come and be one of the first ever to play this brand new train game. We will also bring copies of Buccaneer Bones, our popular new pirate dice game. Come see us in booth 164 in the Family Fun area.

Summer conventions 2014

(Issaquah, WA - June 2014) Wattsalpoag will not have a booth at Origins 2014, but Kris Gould will be walking the convention, showing Buccaneer Bones to retailers and giving demos. We will be at GenCon in Indianapolis in August. Also look for us at Spiel '14 in Essen, and BGG.con in Dallas this November.

Wattsalpoag will be at UK Games Expo

(Issaquah, WA - May 2014) Wattsalpoag will have a booth at UK Games Expo in Birmingham, May 30 - June 1 2014. The last time Wattsalpoag attended was in 2008 to premiere Fruit Fair. This year we will be highlighting Buccaneer Bones, a Kickstarter-backed game that sold out at Essen in October. Come by and see us in the Kings Suite, booth K-23.

Switching Tracks in production

(Issaquah, WA - May 2014) Switching Tracks, a train game that has been in development for several years, has finally reached the point where we think it can jump out of the prototype phase and into the hands of gamers everywhere. The game is a pick-up-and-deliver game where players throw switches to change the connectivity of the cities on the board. You can upgrade your train with more switches to throw, more cars to pick up goods with, and more speed so you can travel further on each turn. In addition, there are offices that provide unique abilities for you to use.

The prototype for Switching Tracks has been making the rounds at select conventions across the country, and has undergone some drastic changes over the past six or seven years. Finally, it has become a lean (approximately 1 hour), engaging game that has playtesters saying, "It's ready. When can I get one?" The answer is: Soon! We are currently working on the artwork and the rulebook, and will be getting quotes from manufacturers, all with an eye to having the game out by the end of the year.

Kickstarter cancelled

(Issaquah, WA - Apr 2014) The Wattsalpoag Kickstarter campaign for I Got It! was cancelled because funding goals were not going to be reached. The party game (Wattsalpoag's first) was a more ambitious project than Buccaneer Bones (our previous Kickstarter), with a much higher production cost due to the large number of cards in the game. As a result, funding was much slower and was not projected to reach its goal by the end of the campaign. The future of the game is uncertain, but for now Wattsalpog will be moving on to new projects.

I Got It! to follow successful Kickstarter for Buccaneer Bones

(Issaquah, WA - Mar 2014) Following the success of the Kickstarter for Buccaneer Bones, Wattsalpoag has decided to use Kickstarter again to fund their newest game: I Got It! The game, previously called Tastes Like Chicken, is a party game for 4 to 10 players. The box is much bigger than Buccaneer Bones, as it holds 400 word cards, as well as player cards, a game board, guessing mats for each player, and many more goodies.

We have learned a lot from the first Kickstarter campaign, and we hope that will make this campaign run even smoother. We will continue to monitor the campaign and to provide regular feedback to our supporters. We appreciate the support of all our Buccaneer Bones backers, and hope to have the same great experience with I Got It!

Buccaneer Bones Blowout at Spiel 2013

(Issaquah, WA - Nov 2013) Spiel 2013, the big game convention in Essen Germany, was a huge success for Wattsalpoag. We handed out copies of Buccaneer Bones to almost all of our Kickstarter "Essen pickup" backers, and 500 more copies of the game were sold out by Saturday night. Thanks to all of you who came by and tried the game, in spite of the misinformation circulating about the location of our booth.

For those of you who didn't make it to Germany, we have shipments from our supplier in Hong Kong on our way to distributors in Europe and the United States. If we are lucky, (and the boats aren't too slow) you should be able to pick up your very own Buccaneer Bones in time for the holidays.

Essen 2013 and Buccaneer Bones

(Issaquah, WA - Oct 2013) Wattsalpoag is heading to Germany again this year. For those who couldn't get enough of our sellout game, A Fistful of Penguins, last year, you will have another chance this October. Wattsalpoag will again be sharing a booth with Japanime Games, but due to construction and hall changes, the space will be smaller this time. So if you are going to be in Essen for Spiel 2013 (Oct 24-27), look for us in hall 1, booth C140.

We are hoping to premiere our latest dice game, Buccaneer Bones, this year at Essen. We are trying something new, with a whirlwind Kickstarter campaign to fund it and immediate presence at the show. Come by the booth and be among the first to try it out!

More games coming out soon

(Issaquah, WA - Aug 2012) Wattsalpoag is putting the finishing touches on several games which will be coming out in 2012 and 2013. Going from penguins to pirates, our next dice game will be Buccaneer Bones: a pocket sized game that will play quickly for 1 to 4 players. We will also be releasing our first party game. I Got It! will take up to ten players at a time (individuals, not teams) as they try to figure out a target word from clues such as, "Tastes like a firecracker," "Feels like liver," and "Sounds like a train." We are working to have I Got It! and Buccaneer Bones released by the end of this year.

Other new releases will include our first kids' game, currently called "Echidna Traffic Jam". It involves cute little echidnas running around the forest floor with a simple pick-up-and-deliver mechanism. We also have a train game (Switchin' Tracks) and a murder mystery game (Murder Mansion) in the works, as well as several other concepts that are still being prototyped and playtested. Check out our previews page for more info on upcoming games.

Wattsalpoag returns to GenCon Indy

(Issaquah, WA - Jun 2012) After concerns that exhibitor space was sold out, Wattsalpoag finally managed to secure a spot at GenCon Indy 2012. We will be bringing along Jonathan Franklin, designer of A Fistful of Penguins, so come and meet the game designer! We also hope to have the premiere of I Got It!, our first party/word game. Drop in and see us in Indianapolis August 16-19, in booth #244.

New phone app for A Fistful of Penguins

(Issaquah, WA - Jun 2012) Thanks to a collaboration between Wattsalpoag and Crooked Smiles, you will soon be able to play A Fistful of Penguins on your cell phone! By the end of the summer, this great game will be available on several platforms, including the iPhone - available at the iPhone App Store.

GameStorm 2012 falls for Echidnas

(Vancouver, WA - Mar 2012) Wattsalpoag game designer Kris Gould presented several prototypes of future games at the GameLab event at GameStorm. Many thanks to KC Humphrey and the GameStorm rolex replica sale organizers for this opportunity. Switchin' Tracks, a train game where the paths are switched dynamically during the game, received many comments and compliments. Also demoed were the second expansion for the popular Jet Set, and a quick dice game with no title as yet. But the unquestioned hit was the return of the Echidna Traffic Jam. This game prototype premiered at last year's GameStorm, and was so popular it was requested again this year. Large, squeezable echidnas (A sort of hedgehog crossed with an anteater) chase each other across the forest floor on an oversized board. The pieces are big and appealing, (we will scale it down for the final production), and the game is easy to teach and play. Still, there is enough stategy and interesting decision-making that parents will want to play along with their kids. Wattsalpoag's first game playable by the under-eight crowd looks like it will be a hit!

Wattsalpoag returns to GAMA Trade Show in 2012

(Issaquah, WA - Feb 2012) This March, Wattsalpoag Games will be exhibiting at GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas. The show will be held at Bally's Hotel and Casino on rolex replica sale March 12 - 16. Come visit us and learn about the complete lineup of Wattsalpoag's games. You can find us in the Exhibit Hall, booth 526, on Wednesday March 14 and Thursday March 15, from 1:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Game designer at GameStorm 2012 in Vancouver, WA

(Issaquah, WA - Mar 2012) Part of GameStorm is the increasingly popular GameLab, run by KC Humphrey. Wattsalpoag's owner and game designer, Kris Gould, will be taking part in GameLab this year, as he did in 2011. He will be bringing back some of the prototypes he showed at last year's GameLab, including the very popular Echidna Traffic Jam. Come play a prototype, sit in on a panel, or just say Hi.

GameStorm is at the Hilton in Vancouver, Washington (near Portland, Oregon) on March 22 - 25. See the program book for times and locations of GameLab events.

Wattsalpoag to demo at GeekGirlCon/Dragonflight event

(Issaquah, WA - Feb 2012) GeekGirlCon and Dragonflight will cohost a game day at AFK Tavern in March, and Wattsalpoag will be there! Come and try out our games in a relaxed tavern atmosphere. There will be many Wattsalpoag favorites to try out, highlighting Last Call the Bartender Game. We may even bring a prototype or two, so you rolex replica sale can try out a Wattsalpoag game before it is released!

GeekGirlCon and Dragonflight Game Day will be on Sunday March 11 at the AFK Tavern in Everett: 1510 - 41st St. from Noon to 4:00 p.m.

Wattsalpoag hosts Family Game Day at Game ON! in Issaquah

(Issaquah, WA - Jan 2012) Wattsalpoag Games will be at Game ON! in Issaquah this February. The event highlights board games and other gaming activities. Wattsalpoag has been asked to host the Family Game Day on Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. We will be showing and teaching games that the whole family can enjoy: Claim It!, Last Call, Fruit Fair, A Fistful of Penguins. We may even bring a prototype of a new family game: Echidna Traffic Jam.

Game On! will be on February 17-19 at the Issaquah Holiday Inn: 1801 12th Ave NW, Issaquah, WA 98027

Wattsalpoag Games will be there on Saturday, Feb 18 : 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Overwhelming demand for A Fistful of Penguins at Spiel 2011

(Essen, Germany--Oct 2011) A Fistful of Penguins by Jonathan Franklin saw its world premiere at Spiel 2011 in Essen, and got an enthusiastic response. The pre-convention buzz for the game caused a steady stream of trying and buying from the moment the halls opened on Thursday morning. All of the games that were shipped to the show were sold before the hall closed on the first day. "We severely underestimated the demand for the game, and so we didn't ship enough to the show. I am sorry for the people who came by the booth on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, since we had to send them away empty-handed," said Kris Gould.

Some problems with the production run were discovered also, since Thursday was the first day Kris and graphic designer Mike Raabe saw the finished product. Two of the colors of plastic chips were indistinguishable to color-blind players. And the back sides of the rules were printed in reverse-page order. Both of these problems will be corrected before the remaining games are assembled and shipped out of Hong Kong. This will make the 144 games sold at Essen the only ones of their kind. The remaining games will be shipped to distributors in the United States and Europe as soon as the changes are made.

Last Call, Wattsalpoag's 2010 Essen release, also sold well at the show. All copies were sold out by the end of the day on Saturday. Distant Lands, the first expansion for Jet Set, was a hot seller, too. It premiered at Origins convention in Columbus, Ohio in June, but this is the first time many of the Europeans could get their hands on it. In all, it was busy and eventful; a great show!

Get a Fistful of Penguins at Essen this year!

(Issaquah, WA--Sep 2011) Look for a brand new game from Wattsalpoag this year: A Fistful of Penguins by Jonathan Franklin. A light dice game that is fun for the whole family, Penguins will make its world premiere at Spiel 2011 in Essen Germany, October 20-23. Come vist us at the Wattsalpoag booth; hall 5, booth 02, and give it a try!

Distant Lands is available in America

(Issaquah, WA--Sep 2011) Distant Lands - the first expansion box for Jet Set - is now available through local stores in the U.S. and the western hemisphere. Check out our Where to Buy page to find out how you can get your hands on one.

World Premiere at Origins 2011

(Issaquah, WA--May 2011) Look for our premiere of Distant Lands, the first Jet Set expansion at Origins Game Fair 2011 in Columbus, Ohio June 23rd to 26th. We will be giving demos of the game at Booth 439, and in the Open Gaming Area, Hall D. Stop by and give it a try!

Australian Games Expo Rescheduled

(Issaquah, WA--Jan 2011) Due to unforeseen circumstances, Wattsalpoag Games will not be attending the Australian Games Expo this year. We will, however, be present for the 2012 Australian Games Expo which will take place from January 27 - 29, 2012. Hope to see you all then!

News from BGG.Con in Dallas

(Issaquah, WA-- Dec 2010) The BGG.Con in Dallas was a big success, with a constant flow of people coming by the booth, all excited about Last Call! Much playing and demoing followed! The game even made it onto the Board Game Geek 'Buzz' list, thanks to the word of mouth at the show!

New Distributor in The Netherlands!

(Issaquah, WA-- Dec 2010) We would like to thank Jean-Paul and the entire gang at The Game Freak, for becoming our first distributor in the Netherlands! Dankjewel! Look for them to be offering our games at the Ducosim Autumn Toy Fair, December 11th, in Amersfoort (Holland)!

Last Call and Claim It! in UK

(Issaquah, WA-- Dec 2010) Last Call and the Claim It! reprint have made port in the UK! MnP Games Distribution should be offering both to the English market by the end of the week!

Welcome new distributors

(Issaquah, WA-- Nov 2010) Wattsalpoag Games has two new distrbutors; Hyptic in Finland and Spelshop in Belgium.

Distant Lands

(Issaquah, WA-- Nov 2010) The release of Distant Lands - Jet Set Expansion Set #1 has been delayed until Spring 2011. Please stay tuned for updates as the release date firms up.

Rulebook translations

(Issquah, WA -- Sept 2010) Wattslapoag is happy to provide additional rulebook translations in Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. They are available for free download on the game detail page.

Preview of Last Call - the Bartender Game

(Indianapolis, IN -- Aug, 2010) Wattsalpoag showed their new game at Gen Con in Indianapolis: Last Call- the Bartender Game. The game is about mixing drinks and serving them before the bar closes. There are six bartenders, marked by game boards arranged in a circle, and the players represent bars who employ these bartenders to mix drinks for their customers. Whoever makes and serves all four of their drinks while earning the fewest ice cubes wins the game.

This is Wattsalpoag's fastest game yet, taking about fifteen minutes to complete. And in spite of the bartender theme, the game is simple enough for eight-year-olds to enjoy. With 24 custom molded plastic liquor bottles, 40 ice cubes, six boards, as well as cards and die-cut pieces, Last Call fills up Wattsalpoag's new 12" x 6" x 4" box size.

Although the final game is still in production, a mock-up of the game was available at Gen Con, with final bottles and ice cubes, and final artwork on the boards and cards. It got enthusiastic responses from the convention attendees who got a chance to play it, with lots of eager anticipation for its release later this year.

Last Call - the Bartender Game is scheduled to be premiering at Spiel '10 in Essen, Germany this October. From there, it will be shipped directly to the rest of Europe and the United States for distribution in November and December. Look for it this winter!

Visit Wattsalpoag at Origins and Gen Con Indy

(Issaquah, WA -- May, 2010) Wattsalpoag will be in Columbus Ohio for Origins, June 24 - June 27, 2010. Come see us Thu - Sun in booth 437 of the Exhibitors' Hall. We will also be supplying games to the CABS/Origins Board Room, so feel free to drop in over there and try a Wattsalpoag game at any time.

If you miss us at Origins, maybe you can catch up with us at this year's Gen Con in Indianapolis, August 5 - August 8, 2010. Our Gen Con location will be booth 1511. We will also be doing game demos at the Gen Con Trade Day event on Wednesday August 4.

At both Origins and Gen Con, we will have table space in our booth, so come on over to learn a new game, or play one of your favorites. No tickets, no fees - just relax and play a game. And learn about our projected new releases for this year: "Last Call - The Bartender Game", Tastes Like ...", and the expansion for Jet Set.

Stop by and say "Hi." We'd love to hear from you.

Wattsalpoag at GAMA Trade Show and GameStorm

(Issaquah, WA -- March, 2010) Wattsalpoag Games will be represented at GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas March 23-26, with a booth manned by Mike Raabe, art director, and Kris Gould, game designer. Attendees can visit us at booth #428 in the Exhibitors Hall. Come see demos of our four games, and learn about this year's projected new releases: "Last Call - The Bartender Game", Tastes Like ...", and the expansion for Jet Set.

Thanks to an overlap between GAMA and GameStorm, Wattsalpoag can't be in both places. But while Mike Raabe races home to work on the graphics for the new releases, Kris Gould will head to Portland Saturday March 27th, to represent Wattsalpoag at GameStorm on Sunday. Come by the GameLab events at GameStorm to meet him, and perhaps get a chance to playtest a prototype of an upcoming Wattsalpoag game.

And be sure to visit us at Origins and GenCon Indy, where Wattsalpoag plans to have booths this year.

Wattsalpoag moves into new office

(Issaquah, WA -- January 2010) Wattsalpoag has opened a new office in Issaquah, Washington. Setting up the office has been going on since November 2009, keeping the staff busy buying furniture, setting up electrical lines, installing software and many other tasks. But now, in mid-January, the office is finally fully functional. Along with the new address comes a new phone number.

The new address and phone numbers are:

Wattsalpoag Games
1595 NW Gilman Blvd, suite 7
Issaquah, WA 98027

phone: (425)677-7628
fax: (425)677-7983

Jet Set Expansion cards released at Spiel '09 in Essen

(Essen, Germany -- October 22, 2009) Two sets of expansion cards for Wattsalpoag's hit game Jet Set were released to the public at Spiel '09 in Essen, Germany. The cards were a small taste of a larger expansion set planned for release in 2010. The cards - Business and Investor cards - contained English text only, and were available for 1 Euro, or free for anyone who bought Jet Set at the fair.

The Investor cards provide an infusion of money twice during the game: each time a Vacation card is turned up. The Business cards allow players a one time benefit - from extra planes to points at the end of the game. Other elements of the expansion set (not in the packet available at Spiel '09) will include Hub cities and Intercontinental flights. Any flight you claim that goes through one of your hub cities will get you extra income or victory points. Intercontinental flights are longer and more expensive, but provide you with consistently high income as well as lots of points at the end of the game.

Even though the expansion cards on offer in Essen were in English only, the show saw a new level of internationalization for Wattsalpoag. For the first time, Jet Set was available with rules and reference cards in three languages (English, French, and German) inside the box. This will be the new standard for Wattsalpoag, with all future releases being multilingual, starting with the reprint of our popular Claim It! game. Claim It! sold out the last of its initial run of 1000 games at Spiel '09, and a second edition is now in the planning stage.

Jet Set - Latest Wattsalpoag game to debut at Spiel '08 in Essen

(Essen, Germany -- October 18, 2008) Spiel '08, the world-famous game convention in Essen, will be the site of the premiere of Jet Set - Wattsalpoag's latest family strategy game.

Kris Gould, the game's designer, says, "Jet Set is a game of economy and path building, set in the heart of Europe. It is a little longer and more complex than our previous games, but it is still fun for families with older children. The box says 90-120 minutes, but I have never seen a game last as long as 120 minutes, even with six players. And that's another good thing about this game: It makes a great two-player game, but you can play with up to six people for a more complex and interesting experience."

Jet Set is Wattsalpoag's second new game for 2008. The other new one, Fruit Fair, made its debut at U.K. Games Expo in May. Fruit Fair was well recieved there, and was nominated for a "Best Boardgame" award. Jet Set and Fruit Fair will both be available at the Wattsalpoag booth at Spiel '08 (Booth 5-02), as well as Nomads of Arabia and Claim It!, Wattsalpoag's two previous games.

Two games a year will be difficult for a company to maintain. But Wattsalpoag may be able to keep it up for a while, as they branch out into other game types. They have a card game, a party game, and a children's game already in the works. But that doesn't mean they will be ignoring the family strategy games. Still in the revising/tweaking/playtesting stage are Switchin' Tracks - a railroad game, Antique Dealers from Neptune - a different kind of antiquing game, Children of the Gods - a game of city building in ancient Greece, and many more.

Wattsalpoag to Premiere Fruit Fair at UK Games Expo, May 31 - June 1, 2008

(Seattle, USA -- May 21, 2008) Wattsalpoag Games will be at UK Games Expo in Birmingham for the first time this year. We will be demonstrating Wattsalpoag games at two tables near the JKLM booth.

We are happy to announce the world premiere of Fruit Fair at this year's Expo! In Fruit Fair, 3 to 5 players compete to be the first to pick fruit from four trees, and send it to the fair for prizes. Holding on to the majority of each fruit gives you a special benefit. But don't hold on too long, or another player will grab that gold medal you wanted! Fruit fair is appealing and accessible for the whole family, but with enough strategy to satisfy the serious gamers in the group.

Preproduction copies of Fruit Fair got good buzz at Spiel 07 in Essen, as well as at Alan Moon's Gathering of Friends. Come give it a try, and see what they were talking about.

We will also have our games from the past two years for Games Expo attendees to try: Claim It! is a game of rolling dice and claiming land in the gold rush days of the American west. Nomads of Arabia lets you collect wild camels, horses, donkeys and goats in the deserts of Arabia.

Come and play a game with the game designer and artist for Wattsalpoag Games. Our games will be sold at the JKLM booth nearby. So stop by and try one out, or just say Hi!

Visit Wattsalpoag at Gen Con So Cal, November 16-19, 2006

(Seattle, USA -- November 11, 2006) Wattsalpoag is attending Gen Con Southern California in Anaheim, USA. Visit us to help celebrate the US debut of Wattsalpoag, the latest addition to the board game industry. Play Claim It!, the first Wattsalpoag game, and preview Nomads of Arabia and Fruit Fight which will be released this winter.

Successful Debut at Spiel '06

(Seattle, USA -- October 27, 2006) Kris Gould, game designer and owner of Wattsalpoag Games, writes to us saying,

I am proud to announce that Wattsalpoag Games is now officially open for business, as of October 19, 2006!

Last week, Mike and Kristina and I went to Germany, to Spiel 06 - the enormous game convention in Essen, Germany. There we received the first commercial copies of Claim It!, one of three games that will begin Wattsalpoag's career. The other two: Fruit Fight and Nomads of Arabia, will hopefully be available before the year ends.

The convention was great! We sold about 100 games retail, and talked to several store owners and distributors who were excited about carrying Claim It! In addition to Germany, Britain, and France, we had inquiries from Italy, Israel, Belgium, Lithuania, Australia and Japan! Here in the states, Funagain Games ( will be carrying our games.

Now we're back, and in addition to trying to get the other two games ready for manufacture, we are dealing with production, getting orders and getting games to dealers and distributors, setting up the financial and legal parts of the business, getting ready for another convention in California next month, promotions and reviews, and lots of etc.

Anyway, check out our web site and let me know what you think. Many thanks to Keith van Kirk, who designed and set up the website!

And huge amounts of thanks to Mike Raabe, who is taking time from painting and ripping up carpet to try to complete all the art for THREE GAMES (!!!) before the year ends. And to Kristina Raabe, who is not only handling all the contacts and information keeping (whew!), but whose knowledge of German kept us alive at Essen. Many many many many thanks to both of you!

So check out Wattsalpoag Games, and Have fun!

Visit Wattsalpoag at Spiel ’06 October 19-22, 2006

Wattsalpoag will be attending Spiel ’06 in Essen, Germany. Visit us in Hall 10, Booth 27 to help celebrate the debut of Wattsalpoag, the latest addition to the board game industry. Play Claim It!, the first Wattsalpoag game, and preview Nomads of Arabia and Fruit Fight which will be released this winter.

Wattsalpoag Releases Claim It!

(Essen, Germany -- October 18, 2006) Wattsalpoag announces the release of Claim It! at the company’s debut at Spiel ’06. Claim It! is the first game from the Bellevue, Washington, USA based board game company.

Claim It! is a press-your-luck style game set in the Gold Rush era of the American Old West. Players roll dice and claim spaces on the board. At any time you can stop and claim your spaces, or continue rolling and risk “going bust.” Spaces can be stolen from other players or permanently claimed to prevent loss. The player with the most contiguous spaces at the end of the game wins.

With an initial print run of 1000 games and a low price of US$24.00, Claim It! will be Wattsalpoag’s holiday favorite.